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John J. Zavaleta, M.D.
John R. Hanson, M.D.
Gonzalo Garcia, M.D.
Annie Saldana, PA-C

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We endeavor to improve the quality of life of our patients by not only restoring their pelvic anatomy and function, but by informing them of their options in the latest technologies available in the most ethical manner.


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Thank you, Dr.Zavaleta. You have been the best doctor.It's been an honor to be a patient of yours.You and your staff are awesome! You have the heart that all doctors should have with their patients. Thank you again for all you do and have done

–R Raz

I came to visit my mom, and she told me that her new doctor was very nice. That his workers were extra nice to her. One girl helped her read and understand the questions the doctor asked. Thank you for helping my mom.

–Grateful Daughter

My first visit with Dr. Zavaleta was excellent. He's so knowledgeable. Sometimes,as a woman who has had children, we feel we are no longer pleasing our partner sexually. Dr. Zavaleta answered all my questions and gave me a plan. I left his office feeling so good knowing someone finally understood and could help me. Thank you Dr. Zavaleta!

–Betty Thompson

Dr. Z is wonderful!! I have been a faithful patient to him for 27 years. Dr. Z I thank you for being concerned about my quality of life. You have given my self worth back and I feel like I am a beautiful woman. I love you and your staff. They told me from the beginning of all the tests that we would be a very close family when it was all said and done. There were so right!!!! Thank you all again.

–Melody Barrett

I feel Dr. Zavaleta is above others in his profession. I'm very happy and appreciate his specialty and professionalism. He cares with all his heart. I,as a patient,feel very satisfied.I recommend all to see Dr. Zavaleta and put themselves in his hands. After God he brought back my life!3/31/15

–Blanca Hernandez

I was very impressed with Dr. Zavaleta and his very well trained, organized and courteous staff! His medical asst., Chelsea is very sweet and welcoming and the kind lady who drew my blood for my labs was 100% pain free. Dr. Zavaleta answered all my concerns and has an excellent bedside manner. He is extremely thorough and an expert in his field. So happy I chose this excellent, cutting edge doctor on my insurance plan. He and his staff are worth the 45 minute drive from my house.

–Alisha Wilson

Thank God for Dr. Z! I had been experiencing horrible back pain since May of this year. I went to several doctors, was given countless costly medications, cortisone shots, and months of physical therapy, and I was still in agony. I was referred to Dr. Zavaleta for fibroids and cysts that required surgery. While filling out my paperwork I mentioned on the forms that I have lower back pain and shooting nerve pain in my legs. Dr. Zavaleta asked me if I have ever been examined for a hernia. None of my doctors ever mentioned a hernia to me. I was told that it was bulging discs that were causing my pain. After a brief exam by Dr. Zavaleta, he discovered the hernia. The hernia was operated on soon afterwards and I have pain free ever since then. I want to thank you again, Dr. Zavaleta, from the bottom of my heart for your great work. I would still be in great pain now without your intervention.

–T. Bowie

Dr. Z, I just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thank You." I took your advice and tried the "diet4idiots." I found it a bit challenging at first but easy to follow. I am down 17 pounds and I feel great! I'm never hungry and have gained much of my energy back. I have 12 more pounds to lose to achieve my goal. Thank You again for your help, you're the best!

–Lisa Parasiliti

Dr. Zavaleta, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for taking care of me. Your kindness is greatly appreciated! Dr. Kielson has been the only doctor I've ever seen and I really appreciate you taking over for him & I'm very happy to have been referred to you. Doctors are so important and its an honor to have you as one of mine. Thank You so much for your help and listening to what's important to me.

–Jennifer O'Brien

Dear Dr. Z, It was good to see you again. I want to thank you for the supply of Estrogel. It is so much appreciated as my Medicare doesn't cover it anymore. See you in two years - God willing.

–Judy Hightower

Dearest Dr. Z, Kathy, and Crew, Thank You for almost literally bathing me in care these past 12 months. I am a new woman and now have a "favorite doctor" to call my own and refer to others too. I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generous gift certificate to Pappas Bros. We seldom treat ourselves to an extravagant meal. Your gift card arrived 2 days before our 17th wedding anniversary! It could not have been more perfect. You did not have to do that. It was my pleasure touting your practice and educating women about their choices to improve their quality of life. You are truly changing lives - and have changed mine. I LOVE exercising and jogging and kickboxing and traveling again! I thank God for you and your staff. You make me feel like family.

–Tracy K.

Since my surgery I have experienced major improvements with bladder control and bowel movements. My incontinence issues have been resolved so I don't have any problems with "leakage"! My bowel movements are normal again and I don't have a rectum that bulges into my vagina. A word about sex. Before the surgery, sex was embarrassing and uncomfortable for both me and my husband. Now, we are much happier and satisfied with this part of our relationship . We finally feel "normal" again. Thanks to Dr. Zavaleta and his modern methods of surgical enhancements and his superior efficiency, he was able to relieve me of all my symptoms and my sexual pleasure. Now, my husband and I enjoy our sexual relationship more, thanks to Dr. John Zavaleta.

–Satisfied Patie A

Annie, Please know how grateful I am for your extra TLC taking care of my daughter Carla. You understand a mother's concern and that's worth a lot in my book!

–Alma L. Castillo

This is my personal testimonial of a P & E surgery done by Dr. Zavaleta My symptoms were constipation, back pain, and the most important part was my lack of sexual pleasure. I believed that these symptoms were normal after giving birth to 2 children. But after a thorough exam by Dr. Zavaleta he found problems and they were easily corrected. I invite all women to discuss these symptoms and the P & E with there gynecologist, because this is the best gift that you can do for your body and your personal relations with your spouse. Thanks to Dr. Zavaleta and his modern methods of surgical enhancements and his superior efficiency, he was able to relieve me of all symptoms and increase my sexual pleasure. Now my husband and I enjoy our sexual relationship more, thanks to Dr. Zavaleta.

–Angelica Canales

I am in my late 40's and have been a patient of Dr. Zavaleta's for the last 4 years. My child-bearing years were over and I was looking for a doctor close to home. From the very first visit Dr. Zavaleta and his staff made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They have provided me with the latest information pertaining to women's health and well being. Dr. Zavaleta discovered that my IUD had traveled thru my uterine wall, and he surgically removed it. At the same time he performed a tubal ligation. This way we would never have to deal with another IUD. Later he performed an ablation. And yes, that was the end of my periods. It has been a wonderful experience to deal with such a skilled doctor and surgeon as well as his staff.

–Sara W.

I have been going to see Dr. Zavaleta for 17+ years, first for my annual physicals, then for pregnancy. First Dr. Z delivered my perfect baby boy via a difficult vaginal delivery. Next, Dr. Z and Dr. Hanson delivered my beautiful baby girl via an emergency cesarean. Dr. Z performed my tubal ligation at that time. Later I had an endometrial ablation performed by Dr. Z, which was wonderful! Now that I am getting old, I'm 46, I discovered that my body was falling apart. I was having urinary incontinence and lower back pain from my prolapsed uterus. Sex was not great anymore, since I was all stretched out from my vaginal delivery. I thought these were just things I had to learn to live with. I was shocked to discover that Dr. Z could fix all my problems with one trip to the hospital, and have a quick recovery time since the surgery was done via a vaginal entry! I had my surgery on Thursday and was back to work on Monday! Dr. Zavaleta and all his staff are great! I am recognized and greeted in a friendly manner every time I go to his office. I had all of my questions explained to me thoroughly by hime and his knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend Dr. Z. He is a Doctor you can trust.


I just wanted to take a moment to write and say thank you so very much for giving me back QUALITY OF LIFE!


Dr. Zavaleta's nursing staff are so skilled in helping... they are truly incredible.They alleviated my fears through their patient guidance and assistance.


I went to Dr. Zavaleta with many symptoms, lack of energy, forgetfulness, irritability just to name a few. Dr.Zavaleta recommended that I have the BioTe hormone pellets. I felt better within days. My mind is clear and I have the energy to do activities that I have missed out on the last few years. Thanks Dr. Zavaleta!


Thank You Dr Z and your wonderful staff!! I first went in with issues for which I was embarrassed to admit and certainly too shy to discuss but with trained insight and compassion, you and your staff made me feel at ease and because of your extensive experience I was able to get through my two surgeries. I am completely satisfied with the results and thrilled I no longer suffer embarrassing moments due to bladder leakage. I endorse you and your staff whole-heartedly. Again, Thank You and your wonderful supportive staff.

–Luisa J

Dr. Z performed my surgery on December 16,2014 and along with BioTe therapy my life has changed! Dr. Z as well as his nursing staff is very sincere and takes time with each patient. I always feel very special when I'm in his care. I'm emotionally and physically "well" at last!! Thank you Dr.Z for all your help and kindness.

–Maria Brown

I have been seeing Dr. Z for some years now. I was recommended to him from a friend and have been going to him ever since. He has helped me in all my women needs down to even weight loss issues. Dr. Z I wanted to say thank you for all your help and making every visit a great experience. I will not be going to any other doctor when it comes down to looking for a OBGYN. I also have recommended my sister to your office and she has been going to you a few years now. Once again thanks for your experience and feel greatly appreciated in everything you do. Dr. Zavaleta...YOU ROCK!!!

–Blanca Ferrer

Dr. Z I want to say thank you for giving me my life back. I had been experiencing severe back, leg & knee pain. I live in Arkansas where none of the Dr's correctly diagnosed me. It got to the point where my condition worsened. My sister referred me to Dr Z & all I can say is... I thank God she did. I had surgery this past November and now feel the best I have felt in a long time. I have made Dr Z my permanent obgyn Dr for life! Thank you to Dr Z & his amazing staff I love you guys.

–Angela Phillips

I would like to thank Dr. Zavaleta for giving me my life back. I want to also say thanks to all the staff as well; they are very helpful and understanding about my needs. I was very surprised to found out that after seeing countless Dr’s about my “situation” which were back pain, shooting pain in legs, hot flashes bladder control, bowel movements” that there was help and relief for my conditions. At times I relay felt like I wanted to just give up, and felt like there was just no hope. I was referred to Dr. Zavaleta for my condition right away he took care of my hot flashes, what other Dr’s could not do in the five years, Dr. Z took care in days my hot flashes were gone. And after having my surgery’s I am now back pain free, I can control my “leakage” My bowel movements have never been more normal then what they are today. And let me say before the surgery, sex was a huge problem for me, now sex is great and it is very satisfying to me and my husband. I would like to thank you again Dr. Zavaleta for all your care and understanding that you have given me. I now have a new Dr. I would also like to say that everything that Dr. Zavaleta told me from the monument I enter his office and the two surgery’s were to the point and very accrued. Thank you so much Dr. Zavaleta for giving me my life back.

–Elda Quiroz